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Product Information

PicAI is an AI-powered mobile app that allows users to create images and avatars using artificial intelligence.

Added on March 3, 2024




PicAI is an advanced platform for developing AI-generated avatars and art, with cutting-edge algorithms transforming selfies or images into lifelike or artistically designed avatars. It caters to a diverse audience, including social networking enthusiasts, gamers, artists, and virtual reality users, by providing a variety of art styles and personalization choices. Users may select from realistic, cartoon, and anime designs and customize avatars by modifying skin tone, hair colour, and accessories. Pica AI's avatars are known for their rich expressions and distinct traits, making them suited for various applications, from social media accounts to digital storytelling.

Key Features

PicAI key features are:

  • Image generation: PicAI transforms photos into anime or comic art styles in seconds.
  • Text-to-image generation: Describe a scene using text, and PicAI will create a picture based on your description.
  • Multiple avatar styles: Create your avatar by selecting from various pre-set designs, such as front-facing portraits, oil paintings, and cartoons.
  • Easy to use: PicAI has a simple interface, making it accessible even to individuals with no prior knowledge of AI technology.


PicAI is free for all users.


PicAI is a fun and easy approach to discovering AI's creative potential for picture and avatar development.

PicAI Alternative Tools is a real-time face-swapping tool.


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